"The seven last words"

What does a person say when he is suffering in agony, what did Jesus of Nazareth say? Joseph Haydn's Passion music from 1787 describes these last words of the Son of God from the Gospels of Luke, John and Mark in seven movements, an introduction and a Presto finale. Although Haydn had the suffering of Jesus Christ in mind when he composed the music, the work also addresses the existence and loss of existential levels of every human being, such as courage, illusion, doubt, loneliness and trust.

Antoine Jully, who has already found inspiration in religious music for his ballet '4 Seasons', and Raphael Hillebrand will create the choreography together and deal with these last words in their own specific movement languages and further develop each other's creations. Accompanied by the Oldenburg State Orchestra, hip-hop meets ballet, sacred meets secular.


Press reviews

«Hip-hop to Haydn? That could have ended up pretty weird. But it's not. The pop-cultural, urban movement language fits surprisingly well with the baroque music and also integrates effortlessly into the neoclassical dance language of Ballett Compagnie Oldenburg. Antoine Jully, always good for a surprise, has dared a lot. But his experiment was a success: bravos from the audience on Saturday evening in the Staatstheater's main auditorium.» (NWZ Online)


Musical direction: Thomas Bönisch
Choreography: Antoine Jully / Raphael Moussa Hillebrand
Music: Joseph Haydn, "The Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross"
Stage: Antoine Jully
Costumes: Uschi Heller
Lighting: Sofie Thyssen
Dramaturgy: Telse Hahmann
Ballet mistress: Carolina Francisco Sorg
With: Eleonora Fabrizi / Timothée Cuny / Adi Hanan / Lester René González Álvarez / Maelenn Le Dorze / Oliver Jones/ Marjorie Lenain/ Floriado Komino/ Gabrune Sablinskaite/ Herick Moreira / Marié Shimada/ Gianluca Sermattei