Where I come from. Where I am going.

My life's journey began in the bustling streets of Hong Kong, a city full of life and cultural diversity. I was born there, surrounded by a wealth of different traditions and lifestyles. Later, as I spent my youth on the streets of Berlin, my creative side found its own voice and passion.

In my youth, I was often ostracized because of my skin color, but the film "Beatstreet" made a deep impression on me. The moves in it inspired me immensely and I practiced them enthusiastically at home. Finally, in 1997, a friend took me to a hip-hop training session where I enjoyed the freedom of practicing every day in a self-determined way

This empowerment was the key for me as a teenager to get out of a lethargy and really get into the feeling: "I can control my own body and maybe even my own life." The powerful essence of hip-hop captured me as I set out to explore the world of dance. I began my journey as a b-boy, and the stage quickly became more than just a venue for competition. As a choreographer, dancer, director, curator, initiator, lecturer and activist, I found in the treasures of my experiences the building blocks for an art that questions power structures. I have been sharing and communicating these experiences for over 20 years.

Body and language merge to form the origins of my artistic work, a journey through decolonial narratives that invites the audience to reflect on entrenched thought patterns. From the rap adaptation of Richard Wagner's "Ring" to the harmonic rhythms of hip-hop and folk dance, my creative expressions not only break through cultural walls, but inspired a universal language.

My pieces originated and developed at the Centre National de la Danse Pantin, Sadler’s Wells Theatre London, Théâtre de La Ville, Tanzhaus NRW, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Oldenburg State Theatre, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, etc. My travels through America, Africa, and Asia were more than just stage performances – they were heartfelt moments of dancing together across continents. For over 20 years, as a member of the groups Battle Squad and Animatronik and through institutional collaborations, I have been forging creative connections with dancers worldwide.

Without ever denying my hip-hop origins, I graduated in June 2014 with a master's degree in choreography from the Hochschule für Zeitgenössischen Tanz (HZT) - the first urban choreographer in the world to do so. This milestone marked the beginning of a new chapter in my artistic journey. Soon after, my art found expression in the dance theater performance "POW_2045", which took me all the way to Central America. Supported by the Goethe-Institut and Waltz Binaire, a visually creative story unfolded in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico.

And because hip-hop is also a political philosophy and I couldn't find a party in which I felt represented, I founded my own party with other activists in 2017: "Die Urbane". This idea and the founding of the first hip-hop party became the channel of my activities for decolonization, empowerment and cultural diversity.

In 2020, I was honored by the German Dance Award as the first representative of the urban dance scene for my outstanding artistic development in dance. My theater piece "On my shoulders" was not only a premiere in 2019, but is still a sincere appeal for thoughtful enjoyment.


How does it feel when my dear friend, mentor and crew partner Niels "Storm" Robitzky gives the laudatory speech? See for yourself what he has to say and how nice it is to say thank you afterwards!

My world in 77 seconds


For many years, I have been contributing my expertise nationally and internationally as a juror in various funding programs:

  • Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education (Chair) 2021- today
  • DIS-TANZ-SOLO 2020-2023
  • IMPACT - Funding 2022-2023
  • Open-discipline funding 2022- 2024
  • Dance Meeting of the Youth (Berliner Festspiele) 2024 - 2027

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