Oppression - self-empowerment - liberation

Here I present you a video from my series in cooperation with Theater Chemnitz. This is the first of a total of five videos: "A Cuban in Chemnitz“.

Corona acted like a burning glass and clearly showed us the problems that our society already had before. Unfair distribution - discrimination - climate change.

My body was an engine of resistance and change that could develop a revolutionary power through dance. That was the theater I loved.

During the corona pandemic, the theaters were closed. They left a gaping hole in the heart of our society. Communication only took place digitally or on the street. This also changed the tone of debates. Instead of the understanding conversations in the foyer of the theater, there was more and more incomprehension and shouting.

This series of videos was intended to show that the theater continues. We were there for you and for ourselves, to deal with the pressure we felt, to displace it through self-empowerment and ultimately to experience a moment of freedom.

PREMIERE: October 17, 2020
DURATION: 1 minute


Interpretation: Yester Mulens Garcia
Artistic direction: Raphael Moussa Hillebrand
Choreography: Raphael Moussa Hillebrand, Yester Mulens Garcia
Music: @nuuki.analog "Perspectives Counting"
Produced by Ballett Chemnitz @dietheaterchemnitz