Dialogic Movement

Vivid, informative and above all entertaining: With DIALOGIC MOVEMENT, Niels Storm"Robitzky, Louise Wagner and Raphael Moussa Hillebrand created a unique forum for contemporary urban culture in Berlin, which vividly promoted interdisciplinary exchange and encouraged openness for cross-genre formats. DIALOGIC MOVEMENT formed an interface where urban and contemporary dance grew closer together and could support each other in their different developments. The series, aimed at a broad audience, invited to develop a differentiated understanding of contemporary urban culture and its various influences - and, above all, with outstanding performances, To celebrate real-time compositions and demanding dialogues together with the artists*.

DIALOGIC MOVEMENT can look back on several successful and well-attended performances at RADIALSYSTEM V Berlin. The concept was originally developed under the name "Hot Moves" by Niels "Storm" Robitzky and Raphael Moussa Hillebrand at HAU in 2005. From 2013 to 2016, the format invited to develop a differentiated understanding of contemporary urban culture and its various influences. By merging with the independent contemporary scene of Berlin, the format has evolved and has become a pioneering avant-garde format of the dance scene.


Press release

Created in the 1970s as a creative alternative to poverty and violence, urban dance today sets new contemporary dance impulses with its scene-specific forms of expression in music, art and dance. The focal points of the urban scene have always been the combination of music and movement, acrobatics, illusion, flavour and "flow". DIALOGIC MOVEMENT continues this tradition with the aim of bringing contemporary and urban dance closer together.

Choreographers*, performers*, musicians*, video artists*, programmers*, and visual artists*, who work at the interface between urban and contemporary dance, are invited to present their interdisciplinary work and exchange ideas. The spectators* have the opportunity to experience the interaction and symbiosis between these two cultural developments directly. The format inspires dance, arouses curiosity, clears up misunderstandings and celebrates a contemporary understanding of urban culture. Commercial trends are abolished and a context is created that invites to experience dance far away from the mainstream as a major cultural event.

The format is curated, moderated and danced every second month by choreographers Niels "Storm" Robitzky, Louise Wagner and Raphael Moussa Hillebrand. Short pieces or excerpts on certain topics are shown and discussed, as well as the career of the respective artists* are presented and illuminated in its current context.


Artistic direction: Niels `Storm' Robitzky / Louise Wagner / and Raphael Moussa Hillebrand
Themes of the format series: Did(t)aktik / Sound Dialog / TANZNACHT 2014 / UFERSTUDIOS BERLIN / Urbane TanzGeschichten / The Art of Entertainment
Guests: Abdelhadi Baaddi / Ahmed Soura / Arnd Wesemann / Brit Rodemund / Britta Pudelko / Christian 'Mio' Loclair /Christian 'Robozee' Zacharias Christoph Winkler / Cyril Pernot / David Brandstätter / Denis "Koone" Kuhnert / Emil Borda / Florencia Lamarca / Frank Willens / Franz Rogowski / Howard Katz / Ingo Reulecke / Iron Skulls Co / Jaekwon / Joy Alpuerto- Ritter / Justyna Kalbarczyk / Kadir 'Amigo' Memis / Kai Eikermann / Katharina Meves / Klaus Janek / Kling Klang Klong / Lil Amok / Lisanne Goodhue / Lorca Renoux / Louis Becker / Malou Airaudo / Mando / Matthias Herrmann / Mehdi Azema / Nevzat Akpi- nar / Rauf "RubberLegz " Yasit / Ruben Reniers / Schnelle Bunte Bilder / Sefa Erdik / Serdar Lunatix / Steen Koerner / Szu-Wei Wu / The Saxonz / Timo Draheim / Ulrike Sowodniok / Valo Hollenstein / Wang Ramirez / Wolfgang Georgsdorf / Yui Kawaguchi
Funding Partner: The Capital Cultural Fund Berlin
Funding Partner: Institut Français
Partner: Radialsystem V
Media partner: tanz magazine
Production: Annett Hardegen
PR: Jasmin Blümel-Hillebrand