Hip hop is pressure from below. How can institutions, dancers, facilitators, dance makers be inspired by the expressions of Hip Hop dance theater and the energy of resistance and empowerment? How can we address our colonial past and present, understand the reality of oppression and exploitation of people and social classes while reflecting on our privileges and artistic creation?

My workshops focus on the individuality of the participants. This is because they reflect the diversity of our society and unique stories. I do not offer standardized workshops - each workshop is designed exclusively and tailored to the respective project.

It's not just about learning dance techniques. Together we dive into the world of improvisation, create movement material and bring to the stage what moves us. The focus is not only on performance, but also on understanding dance as a means of artistic expression.

The aim is to encourage creative exploration of various aspects. The process is just as important as the result. I want to develop the participants' creative skills, expand their expressiveness, strengthen social skills and promote self-empowerment.

My previous projects have been joint ventures with theaters, museums, educational institutions, festivals, dance companies, societies and libraries, aimed at young and adult beginners as well as professionals.

Interested in collaborating on a dance theater project or a joint format? I look forward to hearing from you!


It is wonderful to experience how we can all write, paint, sing and dance when we let go of judging ourselves.

Raphael Moussa


BARCAMP 23 (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) // UBUNTU CONNECTION (euro-scene Leipzig) // YUNIK - Konferenz für kulturelle Bildung “Changing the Narratives” (HAU BERLIN) // „Radical Mutation: On the Ruins of Rising Suns“ (HAU BERLIN) // Dance & Community - A Voice for Change: Fighting for the Arts, Panafricanism and Radical Change towards Solidarity (Bard College) // Version21 im März (Zeit Online) // „Rat für Desintegration“ (Maxim Gorki Berlin) // „Urbaner Tanz auf der Bühne“ (nutrospektif - Tanzhaus-nrw) // Bundesfachkongress Interkultur (Brandenburgische Gesellschaft für Kultur und Geschichte) // Dialogforum Kulturelle Bildung 2022 (Netzwerk Interaktiv) // „Engagiert für Deutschland“ (Juma e.V.) // Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei // Loop of Decolonial Resistance (Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westphalen) // „Nur mit uns – Stimmen für eine vielfältige Politik“ (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) // Floor on Fire (Hellerau) / DIALOGIC MOVEMENT (Radialsystem)