The Somogo Collective

Together with my life partner Jasmin Blümel-Hillebrand, I not only share the private stage of life, but also the artistic one. In May 2022, we finally brought the hip-hop dance theater collective "Somɔgɔ" to life.

The word "Somɔgɔ" means family in the West African language Bambara, which is most commonly spoken in Mali, my family origin. Jasmin is rooted in East Africa and works as a freelance cultural visualizer, conceptualizer, producer and dramaturge. She specializes in decolonial and intersectional format and project development for the independent scene, the creative industries and cultural education.

Our collective work focuses on questioning modern Western culture, which tends to fragment life experiences, knowledge, and emotions by drawing clear lines between nature and culture, individual self and the "Other". In contrast, many places outside Europe integrate traditions where interconnectedness is ubiquitous. In our collaborations with other artists, theaters, museums, educational institutions, and festivals, we prioritize artistic formats from decolonial and postcolonial perspectives.

We do not see art and dance as isolated aspects, but as integral parts of our work, combining art, political activism, live music and different forms of movement. Our aim is to promote reciprocal artistic relationships and the development of a shared memory.

Although we generally prefer to work collaboratively, we offer the flexibility to engage individually when structurally required. You can find more information here.

Ubuntu Connection, Leipzig 2022


Videobericht über unsere erste Inszenierung in der Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig.

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